Ceilings are one of the most important elements of your home as they offer the maximum pleasant view of any interior space. High standard Ceilings Work can be accommodate a definitive look and feeling in yourself. It helps you create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Amety Technical Services LLC has been providing False Ceiling Work and Gypsum Board Partition Work for both the residential and commercial sectors in UAE.

Amety Technical Services LLC is not only a False Ceiling contractor for businesses in Dubai but we are also creating modern, stylish Plasterboard and Gypsum Board Ceilings for the home.

A false Ceiling is a second ceiling that is suspended close to the main ceiling with a metal frame. It has become an integral part of modern architecture in both commercial and residential developments.

False Ceiling work mainly use to hide away unsightly units, cables and pipes as well as provide extra sound insulation. False Ceilings are being used more and more often as design features in modern homes.

One feature they provide is the ability to place LED lighting in the ceiling, offering you the opportunity to easily fit mood lighting to your living space.

When you hire a False Ceiling Contractor in Dubai, you need to hire someone who knows not just the technicalities but the design too. At Amety Technical Services, a team of highly skilled, experienced contractors are able to fulfill these needs through their knowledge of the materials and fashion of the age.