Amety Technical Services LLC is the leading painting service provider for your residential and commercial properties. Amety Technical Services is Dubai based painting company that specializes in industrial and commercial facilities. We also specialize in factories and warehouses. We have the expertise to complete all sizes of painting projects. We specialize in commercial and industrial “repainting projects” and maintenance throughout the UAE.

Whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial, big or small, Amety Technical Services can handle the job. We work in a professional manner to provide you with quality results. We have maintained a commitment to excellence at competitive prices, establishing a reputation of professionalism, dependability and top-quality workmanship in Dubai.

Amety Technical Services provides the painting services and coating services that will provide long-lasting and durable protection, superior appearance, and minimum maintenance for each particular project.

As our professional team receives highest priority and attention to identify your budget and planning that help us to finish painting project in prospect time. From small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial projects, we always work as part of a team. On every step, we coordinate with our client about services and issues. Communication and understanding ensures a sound partnership with our client and give them a truly satisfaction.