Water Heater Repair and Installation

Looking for water heater installation and repair?

Amety Technical Services LLC offers Same Day Service, 7 Days a Week. We replace and install new water heater same day at very affordable price with guarantee. If you are looking new water heater installation or if your water heater is leaking or isn’t heating well enough, then call our 24*7 customer care number 050-510-3436.

Amety Technical Services LLC have professional plumbers to serve you 24-hour emergency water heater service.

Appliances that provide a continual supply of hot water are called water heaters or Electric geysers. Typical water heaters have problems like a leaking tank or not enough hot water, water that is too hot or not hot enough. Water heater have strange noises in the tank, and discolored or smelly water. We can diagnose and handle all of these problems because Amety Technical Services LLC understands how a storage water heater works and how to repair or rectify these problems.

we offers both services in Dubai:

  • Water Heater System Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Water Heater System Replacement or Installation Services

Water Heater System Maintenance and Repair Services:

A water heater is a common bathroom essential today. Amety Technical Services LLC provide repair and installation services for all type of issues that you may find in your home heating system. Water heater usually includes faulty switch, it involves connecting electrical wiring for heating the water and can be dangerous if the wiring is wrongly connected. Our plumbers and electricians would ensure that your water heater is carried out repair and installation properly. Our plumbers cut your ceiling and do repair or installation work. We undertake includes that of heaters behind false ceiling and ceilings.

Some Water Heater problems are :

  • No Hot Water
  • Not Enough Hot Water
  • Water Too Hot
  • Noisy Heating Elements
  • Black or Rusty Colored Water
  • Water Heater Thermostat not working
  • Trip in electricity when heating system is switched on
  • Leaking in pipes leading to the tank
  • Leaking in water tank
  • Low water pressure from tab or shower

Our expert plumbers are always ready to solve all these problems at your home place. If you have any problem, don't hesitate to call our customer care number 050-510-3436 and get free quotes.

Water Heater System Replacement or Installation Services:-

There are many types of Water Heater available in market. Our professional plumbers are able to install any type of water heater. Amety Technical Services LLC is repair and makes new installation both Vertical & Horizontal Wall Hung Electric Water Heaters. Mostly we install 50 liter, 80 liter and 100 liter conventional Ariston water heater in Dubai.

  • Vertical Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Horizontal Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Solar Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Water Heater Replacement